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Retained Deciduous (Puppy) Teeth

Retained Puppy TeethRusty, an 8 month old Poodle who came to Animal Dental Care in Colorado for evaluation of six retained deciduous (puppy) teeth that included canines (fang) and incisors.

When puppy teeth do not fall normally, there can be a number of problems for the pet including, malocclusion (abnormal bite), pain and also periodontal disease. If left in place, the deciduous teeth can cause the permanent teeth to traumatically impact other teeth and/or soft tissues in the mouth, which is a source of significant pain. In addition, teeth that are in a malocclusion can frequently predispose a dog or cat to periodontal disease since they are not interlocking normally.

All six of Rusty’s teeth were extracted with a brief surgical procedure and he’ll recover fully and continue to grow with a happy, healthy and pain free mouth.

If you have a puppy or kitten and notice they seem to be retaining their baby teeth as the adult teeth are growing in, it is important to see a board certified veterinary dentist right away. The sooner this condition can be evaluated and treated, there is far less potential for developing a more complex dental problem.