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Cat Dentistry

Maintaining a cat’s dental health is extremely important and cats are susceptible to all of the same dental problems as dogs. There are other feline specific dental diseases that cat owners should be aware of including feline stomatitis and feline tooth resporption. In addition to home dental care, it is important for cats to have regular veterinary dental cleanings and exams to assure that their teeth and mouth remain healthy and without disease. Board certified vet dentists can provide the highest level of dental care for cats.


Feline Referral to Veterinary Dental Specialists

Dr. Chamberlain at Animal Dentistry & Oral Surgery received a letter from a referring veterinarian detailing the level of service he provides to her patients. Board certified veterinary dental specialists are committed to providing excellent specialty care to patients of our referring colleagues. When patients are in need of veterinary …

Dr. Visser with Prince Romeo

Unusual Dental Condition in a Savannah Kitten

“Prince Romeo” is a one year old, 21 pound, Savannah kitty. He came to Dr. Visser at Arizona Veterinary Dental Specialists for a professional veterinary teeth cleaning and full mouth dental x-rays, under general anesthesia. Any pet dental cleaning should always be done under anesthesia, which allows for comprehensive exam, cleaning and radiographs …


Get the Facts about Anesthesia Free Pet Dental Cleanings

The recent trend of groomers, pet stores and sometimes vets, offering what are referred to as “anesthesia free pet dental cleanings” is of great concern to the veterinary community. These seemingly cheap procedures, which veterinary dentists refer to as “Non-Anesthetic Dentals (NAD)”, are quite appealing to the average pet owner who think …


Veterinary Dentistry – Sharing Our Knowledge

Dr. Dale Kressin of Animal Dentistry and Oral Surgery Specialists and Dr. Niemiec of Southern California Veterinary Dental Specialties have teamed up with Animal Health International to teach weekend dental courses to general practitioners and technicians around the country. Most recently, both veterinary dentists taught a wide range of topics …