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Dog Dentistry

If you are concerned about problem with your dog’s dental health or a an injury or condition in your dog’s mouth, you can find a veterinary dog dentist who specializes in advanced veterinary dental and oral surgical treatments for canines including the following: Endodontics, Periodontics, Orthodontics, Restorations, Dental Radiology, Oral Surgery. Pet Dentists are dedicated to providing optimal health care for pets and offer the best options for treating dog and other pet dental problems.

acrylic splint for pet jaw fracture

Acrylic Splints for Mandibular Fracture Repairs

Brook A. Niemiec, DVM Diplomate, American Veterinary Dental College Fellow, Academy of Veterinary Dentistry Southern California Veterinary Dental Specialties Introduction: Traumatic oral fractures are a fairly common occurrence in veterinary dentistry.  There are numerous options for therapy and the all have advantages and disadvantages as well as indications and contraindications. …

Severe periodontal disease in 9 year old dog.

Pet Periodontal Disease – How Bad Can it Really Be?

Veterinary dentists often talk about the risk of periodontal disease in pets and that it’s the most common condition affecting adult dogs and cats. But, pet owners often wonder how bad this really can be for their pets. This severe case of periodontal disease presented at Animal Dental Care in …


Veterinary Dentistry – Sharing Our Knowledge

Dr. Dale Kressin of Animal Dentistry and Oral Surgery Specialists and Dr. Niemiec of Southern California Veterinary Dental Specialties have teamed up with Animal Health International to teach weekend dental courses to general practitioners and technicians around the country. Most recently, both veterinary dentists taught a wide range of topics …

Cyst was visible when looking beneath the dog's lip.

Removal of Cyst Prevents Future Dental Problems for Golden Retriever

Joey is a 1-year-old male Golden Retriever who presented to Animal Dental Care and Oral Surgery with a progressive history of a cyst over the left maxillary canine tooth. Veterinary dental radiographs revealed an expansile mass over the area. The canine tooth was removed and the adjacent cystic structure removed and …


Jaw Trauma Requires Veterinary Specialist for Treatment

After an accident, Johnny, a Coon Hound, was taken to a general veterinarian and diagnosed with a mandibular fracture, a fractured rib and numerous puncture wounds and lacerations. Attempt was made to stabilize the mandibular fracture with an intramedullary pin. Unfortunately, the root of the left mandibular canine tooth was violated …