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Dog Dentistry

If you are concerned about problem with your dog’s dental health or your dog has an oral injury or condition like a broken tooth, jaw trauma, severe bad breath or an unusual growth, you can choose to take your dog to a veterinary dentist. A veterinary dentist specializes in advanced veterinary dental and oral surgical treatments for dogs including the following: canine endodontics, canine periodontics, canine orthodontics, canine tooth restorations, veterinary dental radiology, and canine oral surgery. Pet Dentists are dedicated to providing optimal health care for pets and offer the best options for treating your dog’s dental problems.

Miley, Chihuahua with jaw fracture

Miley: A cautionary tale of a Chihuahua with a broken jaw

Miley, a three year-old Chihuahua came to Southern California Veterinary Dental Specialties and Oral Surgery for bilateral mandibular (lower jaws) fractures.  Her owners reported that Miley had been found roaming the neighborhood until she was rescued only a few weeks before the fractures occurred.  Prior to the fractures, they noticed moderate …

Retained Puppy Teeth

Retained Deciduous (Puppy) Teeth

Rusty, an 8 month old Poodle who came to Animal Dental Care in Colorado for evaluation of six retained deciduous (puppy) teeth that included canines (fang) and incisors. When puppy teeth do not fall normally, there can be a number of problems for the pet including, malocclusion (abnormal bite), pain and also periodontal disease. If left in …

Dog Tooth Broken by Antler

Are Antlers Safe Dog Chew Toys?

Reindeer antlers have become a cheap and popular chew item for sale at many pet stores. Dog owners, intrigued by this “natural” item, are purchasing them thinking they will probably be equally intriguing, healthy and entertaining for their dogs. However, what people don’t realize when purchasing, is they may also …

208 clinical view.

Don’t Ignore a Pet Who Seems in Pain During Meal Time

A seven year old Beagle female named Tammie came to Dr. Dale Kressin, veterinary dentist in Wisconsin and Minnesota. Tammie’s owners had noticed she appeared uncomfortable while chewing food. Dr. Kressin examined Tammie and observed both the right and left upper fourth premolar teeth were fractured and had pulp exposure.  These types of fractures are referred …


Get the Facts about Anesthesia Free Pet Dental Cleanings

The recent trend of groomers, pet stores and sometimes vets, offering what are referred to as “anesthesia free pet dental cleanings” is of great concern to the veterinary community. These seemingly cheap procedures, which veterinary dentists refer to as “Non-Anesthetic Dentals (NAD)”, are quite appealing to the average pet owner who think …

Before removal of gingival tissue. Enlarged and swollen gum tissue indicating condition known as gingival hyperplasia.

Boxer with Gingival Hyperplasia

Lilo is a six year old female Boxer who was recently adopted through a Boxer rescue. She was diagnosed by her referring veterinarian with severe generalized gingival hyperplasia, an extreme inflammatory enlargement of a dog’s gingival tissues that creates deep pockets between the teeth and surrounding tissues. These pockets provide the …