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Dr Robert Boyd, DVM, AVDC
At Veterinary Dental Services, Dr. Robert Boyd and his staff provide specialized veterinary dental health care for dogs, cats as well as exotic zoo animals.

Veterinary Dental ServicesVet Dental Services Houston Texas
Phone: 713-777-2323
11001 Fondren Road
Houston, Texas 77096

Dr. Boyd and Veterinary Dental Services serve the Houston, Harris County, metro region with the mission to provide the highest quality veterinary dental care and oral and surgical treatments in a compassionate manner,  working with pet owners and referring veterinarians to improve the health and happiness of pets and clients. Client satisfaction and pet dental disease resolution are top priority at our practice and we assess all patients using advanced veterinary dental radiology.

Veterinary Dental Services specializes in veterinary endodontics (root canals), periodontics, orthodontics, pet tooth restorations, oral surgery and dental radiology. These specialized veterinary dental procedures can treat even the most serious pet dental disease and can mean a much happier and pain free life for dogs and cats.

Houston Texas Vet Dentist Dr. BoydDr. Boyd is a leader in the veterinary dentistry specialty industry and is requested as a guest speaker at many lectures and conferences throughout the country. Dr. Boyd has many ‘wet lab’ training sessions and works with veterinarians across the United States and abroad to further the field of pet and animal veterinary dentistry.

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