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As veterinary dentists, we specialize in advanced pet dental care, oral surgery and pet dental health education.

Our experts are a nationwide group of board-certified veterinary dentists who work together to provide the best in veterinary dental care to pets, increase access to veterinary dental information and further pet dental health education to pet families across the country. We invite you to utilize our site to read our latest vet dentistry cases and find educational information you can use to learn more about your pet’s dental health or research a condition. Nationally known, our pet dentists offer a wide range of veterinary dentistry services including comprehensive dog and cat teeth cleanings, fractured pet tooth repair, treatment for pet periodontal disease and oral surgery for all pet dental injuries and disease.

Chris Visser, DVM, DAVDCArizona

Chris Visser, DVM, DAVDC

Michael Balke, DVM, DAVDCArizona Veterinary Dental Specialists

Michael Balke, DVM, DAVDC
Arizona Veterinary Dental Specialists

Curt Coffman, DVM, DAVDCArizona

Curt Coffman, DVM, DAVDC

Brook Nemiec, DVM, DAVDCCallifornia

Brook Nemiec, DVM, DAVDC

Patrick Vall, DVM, DAVDCColorado

Patrick Vall, DVM, DAVDC

Tony Woodward, DVM, DAVDCMontana

Tony Woodward, DVM, DAVDC

Allen Matson, DVM, DAVDCWashington

Allen Matson, DVM, DAVDC

Dale Kressin, DVM, DAVDC

Dale Kressin, DVM, DAVDC

Michael Peak, DVM, DAVDCFlorida

Michael Peak, DVM, DAVDC

Pet dental health is vital in the long term overall health of your pets and when it comes to pet dental disease or injuries, it’s important to choose a board certified veterinary dentist who can provide the highest level of care for your pet. When choosing an AVDC vet dental specialist, you can be assured your dog or cat will receive a complete pet dental exam, including advanced anesthesia technology and vet dental x-rays that assure a comprehensive picture of your pet’s dental health and any issues that may be causing them pain. If your dog or cat needs a dental exam or you are concerned about a potential problem in your dog or cat’s mouth, locate a vet dental specialist in your area and contact them to learn more about their veterinary dentistry services.

Pet Dental Health Articles & Veterinary Dentistry Cases

Sophie, like a kitten again!

After being seen for advanced periodontal (gum) disease and tooth resorption at Veterinary Dental Specialties and Dental Surgery,  Sophie returned for her 2-week recheck.  As is very common for us to ...

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Dog Tooth Broken by Antler

Are Antlers Safe Dog Chew Toys?

Bennie had a fractured tooth due to chewing antlers & nylon chews. Reindeer antlers have become a cheap and popular chew item for sale at many pet stores. Dog owners, intrigued by this “natu...

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Cats Have Teeth Too!

Today we present two cases of cats, Lexi and Fellix, who were treated for broken canines at Veterinary Dental Specialties and Oral Surgery. Fractured teeth are typically a dog issue, but cats do break...

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Oral Damage from Dog’s Electric Burn

An adorable 18-month-old mix breed puppy who chewed on an electrical cord and the electric burn resulted in dead and infected teeth and damaged gingiva and bone. He had significant electrocution burns...

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