Ella’s Malignant Oral Tumor

Ella nearly three years after surgery to remove malignant tumor.

Ella nearly three years after maxillectomy surgery to remove malignant tumor.

Ella was originally referred to Dr. Kressin of Animal Dentistry & Oral Surgery Specialists in December of 2010. She had been diagnosed with a malignant fibrosarcoma, an oral cancer, and was expected to live only 3-6 months.

A board certified veterinary dental specialist, Dr. Kressin takes great care in providing the best possible treatment plan for the pets with oral tumors requiring veterinary dental care. In Ella’s case, Dr. Kressin’s recommendation for major oral surgery was a success and today, almost three years later, Ella is living a happy, healthy life with her family. Dr. Kressin checked in with Ella’s owners recently and they are incredibly grateful for Dr. Kressin’s expertise and commitment that saved Ella’s life!

“I was referred to Dr. Kressin by a veterinary oncologist.   The diagnosis of an oral cancer, called fibrosarcoma, was devastating.  I love Ella, she’s an important part of my family, and I needed to understand if there were any treatment options.

Dr. Kressin explained what could be done, how it would affect Ella, and how it would benefit her.  He recommended a major oral surgery and other options.  I thought long and hard and decided to proceed with surgery and I’m very glad I did.

He performed a surgery called “Maxillectomy”.  He removed all of Ella’s teeth on the left side of her upper jaw and a major portion of the roof of the mouth.  Ella looks great and acts as though there was never a problem. It has been more than 2 ½ years since Dr. Kressin performed the surgery and Ella is living and doing very well.

Dr. Kressin takes the time to care.  He still calls me to ask how Ella is doing.  I absolutely would recommend him anytime.”

– Tim S.