Jaw Trauma Requires Veterinary Specialist for Treatment

johnnyAfter an accident, Johnny, a Coon Hound, was taken to a general veterinarian and diagnosed with a mandibular fracture, a fractured rib and numerous puncture wounds and lacerations. Attempt was made to stabilize the mandibular fracture with an intramedullary pin. Unfortunately, the root of the left mandibular canine tooth was violated with the pin and the fracture site was not stabilized. The veterinarian referred Johnny to Animal Dental Care and Oral Surgery for evaluation.

A complete open comminuted fracture of the left rostral mandible was diagnosed. The root of the left mandibular canine tooth had a perfectly round linear tract through it secondary to the attempted intramedullary pin placement. A large section of mandibular bone was missing, along with the first and second premolars. The right mandibular canine tooth had a complicated crown fracture.

Dog broken Jaw

Radiograph showing severity of fracture.

Due to the extent of the trauma and the amount of mandibular bone missing, fracture fixation was not practical. A left rostral mandibulectomy was performed. A pleural block was performed with local anesthetics to provide additional analgesia for the fractured rib. Johnny was sent home with antibiotics and pain relief and a follow-up visit will include a re-check examination and canine root canal procedure on the right mandibular canine tooth.