Australian Veterinary Community Takes a Stance Against Anesthesia Free Dentistry

Annual Veterinary Pet Dental Care

Our board certified veterinary dentists are thrilled to hear that our veterinary colleagues in Australia have taken the right stance on the practice of anesthesia free dentistry, and it’s clear risks to a pet’s welfare.

According to Brook Niemiec, DVM, DAVDC this is another step in the right direction from another veterinary association. He says, “The Australian Veterinary Association has joined the growing list of veterinary associations and specialty colleges to condemn the practice of anesthesia free dentistry. It states that the majority of procedures that constitute a complete dental procedure (such a complete oral exam, periodontal probing, subgingival scaling, and dental radiographs) cannot be performed on a conscious patient. Further, it is stressful for the patient and dangerous to the operator. In line with the upcoming World Small Animal Association Dental Guidelines, it is considered a negative animal welfare concern.”

Chris Visser, DVM, DAVDC also feels strongly about veterinary associations playing a positive role in educating pet owners about the dangers of anesthesia free dental procedures. “I applaud the Australian VMA for taking a positive stand in supporting professional dental cleaning under anesthesia performed by licensed veterinarians. Their position supports the opinions voiced by the American Veterinary Dental College and the American Animal Hospital Association.

We also encourage all pet owners to take the opportunity during Pet Dental Health Month to make an appointment for their pet’s annual veterinary dental cleaning, which should be done under safe anesthesia and with veterinary dental x-rays. Annual veterinary care is vital to your pet’s overall health and is important to prevent conditions like pet periodontal disease from causing extensive damage and health problems.