Dr. Michael Peak’s Pet Dental Cases

Dr. Michael Peak is a board certified veterinary dentist in Tampa Bay, Florida.

Palatal Ulceration

Meet Finn, a 7 year old Rat Terrier.┬áHe presented to our hospital for evaluation of an oral malignant tumor, suspected to be a carcinoma. The swelling had been present for 3-4 weeks, developed relatively quickly, was ulcerated across the palate, and had not responded much to two different types of antibiotics. Finn had a great deal of pain around his mouth and was not eating well. His family veterinarian had biopsied several areas within the lesion which were read as chronic inflammation with suggestions of a malignancy, possible carcinoma. He also had swelling adjacent to the right mandibular 1st molar tooth. Continue reading “Palatal Ulceration” »

Apollo’s Root Canal

Apollo is a 6 year old, male German Shepherd who loves to play frisbee with his owner, who recently noticed his left upper canine tooth was discolored purple. Apollo came for an evaluation by Dr. Michael Peak at The Pet Dentist at Tampa Bay. In our pre-operative photo, the purple discoloration is subtle, but there is discoloration in the middle of the visible crown indicating the tooth has pulpitis. Continue reading “Apollo’s Root Canal” »