Many veterinary experts estimate that up to 75% of dogs and 60% of cats that do not receive proper oral and dental care will develop signs of dental disease before the age of three. It is very important that your pet receives regular oral and dental care and veterinary dental teeth cleanings under anesthesia. When pets need specialized dental care, you should find a board certified vet Dentist with advanced veterinary dental training. Many general veterinarians routinely refer their clients to a veterinary dentist for all of a pet’s oral health care & teeth cleaning needs.

Board certified veterinary dentists offer advanced care and technology for your pet’s dental needs, such as veterinary dental radiographs or x-rays. Many pet dental problems are not visible and x-rays are the only way to identify issues that may cause pain in a pet’s mouth. With a board certified vet dentist, you can be assured your dog or cat receives full veterinary dental x-rays to identify any areas of your pet’s mouth that might be in pain.

Find a Vet Dentist in near you to care for your pet’s dental health.