Untreated Malocclusions Create Painful Damage for 9 Year Old Bassett Hound

Dopey, a 9 year old male Bassett Hound had undergone regular dental cleanings but his owner was told there were not any significant concerns, despite the fact that he had a class II (Overshot) bite.  One of his veterinarians early in his life noted the malocclusions and lesions on the palate but said it “probably wouldn’t cause any future issues”.  After a cleaning and assessment at the start of last month, it was suggested he might have an oral nasal fistula and he was referred to Veterinary Dental Specialties and Oral Surgery.

Dr. Lana Bissett placed him under general anesthesia and we performed a procedure on Dopey with the following findings:

All mandibular incisors were causing traumatic occlusion and erosion of the palatal mucosa. (Image 1)

Intraoral dental photo demonstrating the palatine trauma

Oral nasal fistula at 104 was confirmed along with a communication between the ONF and buccal bone and mucosa erosion.

Intraoral dental pictures demonstrating the oronasal fistulas

Intraoral dental pictures demonstrating the oronasal fistulas

Intraoral dental pictures demonstrating the oronasal fistulas

Dental radiographs revealed that the lower right canine was dead and infected.

All lower incisors were extracted.  The upper right canine (104) was surgically extracted.  The defect was so extensive due to all the trauma and bone erosion that a lamellar bone sheet was placed to fit the defect to prevent flap breakdown. Crown reduction and root canal of 304 and 404 was performed to alleviate the palatine trauma.

Intraoperative picture of the oronasal fistula being covered with a lamellar bone sheet.

Post-operative pictures of the oronasal fistula repair.

Post-operative picture of the crown reduction of the lower left canine.

This dog has never allowed his mouth to be examined while awake and will aggressively try to bite with attempt to even life a lip.  The pain and loss of teeth could have been avoided with proper veterinary dental care care from a young age.