Falco’s Facial Surgery After Being Hit by a Car

Falco, a five-year-old bull terrier mix decided to go for a walk one day but did not look both ways before crossing the street and was hit by a car.

Luckily for Falco his injuries were not life threatening and after being stabilized at an emergency clinic he was transferred to Dr. Chris Visser and resident Dr. Meaghan Brophy at Arizona Veterinary Dental Specialists. Falco had a large, deep laceration on his nose that went back towards his nasal cavity and a fractured right maxillary intermediate incisor. 

Picture of Falco at presentation face on

Picture of Falco’s laceration looking up

Falco was placed under anesthesia and the extent of his injuries were carefully assessed. Drs. Visser and Brophy were able to meticulously close Falco’s laceration so well you could not tell that there had previously been an injury and extracted the fractured tooth. 

Immediately post op face on.

Immediately post op looking up.

At Falco’s two week recheck the owner reported he was doing great and back to normal!

Two weeks after surgery