What is Feline Stomatitis?

Feline stomatitis is severe inflammation or ulceration in the cat’s mouth, and is debilitating for affected cats. Signs of feline stomatitis include very bad breath, difficulty eating (or not eating at all) and drooling. Some cats will have large areas of their oral cavity covered with painful, raw areas.

If you see signs of feline stomatitis, you should contact a veterinary dentist as soon as possible. Although you may find a number of medical solutions on the internet for feline stomatitis, unfortunately there have not been any encouraging results for non-surgical treatments. The best treatment for feline stomatitis is extraction of all of the cat’s teeth. While this may sound extreme, cats with feline stomatitis are in a great deal of pain. After extraction, cats are pain free, much happier and often eat a meal shortly after waking up from surgery.


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