Fractured Jaw in French Bulldog Puppy

This is Isabelle, a three-month-old French Bulldog puppy who suffered a broken jaw after being bit by a housemate. She was in significant oral pain and had moderate bleeding upon presentation.  She was referred to Veterinary Dental Specialties and Oral Surgery.  She was diagnosed the fracture and  scheduled for immediate surgery.

Isabelle was carefully placed under general anesthesia.  Please note, it is a myth that brachycephalic breeds don’t do well with anesthesia.  They have some minor challenges, but they should definitely be afforded the same level of dental care as all pets.  Veterinary dentists have advanced training in these patients, increasing the level of safety.

Once under anesthesia, the oral exam confirmed the displaced maxillary fracture with damaged deciduous (puppy) and adult teeth. (Figure 1)

Intraoral dental radiographs were taken which confirmed the large fracture. (Figure 2)

Damaged teeth and small areas of damaged bone were removed.  Because it was a maxillary fracture, it is generally relatively stable.  Therefore, he treated the fracture by closing the soft tissue to hold the bones in place. (Figure 3)  This resulted in a complete recover with a very minor procedure.

Veterinary dentists have the most knowledge of the oral cavity as well as the best skills and equipment to properly manage oral trauma cases.  We can get the best outcomes with the least amount of invasive surgery.