Free Online Veterinary Dentistry CE

Veterinary Dental Specialties & Oral surgery and San Diego Vet Dental Training Center are hosting FREE online CE

April 16, Dr. Brook Niemiec presented the first of a series of live webinars for the veterinary profession, Emergency Veterinary Dentistry. This endeavor is designed to fill the gap of critical CE in the time of COVID when all in person meetings are cancelled.

This lecture was chosen because of the fact that due to COVID-19, more clients are delaying therapy and many clinics are limited/closed. This means that more dental therapy will be focused on true “dental emergencies”.  In addition, ER vets may need to manage cases they normally don’t.

He discussed how to manage emergency situations such as jaw fractures, tooth luxations, stomatitis, caustic burns (more common now cleaning supplies being used more often or inappropriately), and other urgent oral and dental issues.

We had more than 350 attendees worldwide for the first meeting, and we are hoping to build for the future.  These lectures are also being archived for those who could not join the live meeting.  RACE approved CE credit is still available, all you need to do is answer some questions from the lecture.