Removal of Cyst Prevents Future Dental Problems for Golden Retriever

Cyst was visible when looking beneath the dog's lip.

Cyst was visible when looking beneath the dog’s lip.

Joey is a 1-year-old male Golden Retriever who presented to Animal Dental Care and Oral Surgery with a progressive history of a cyst over the left maxillary canine tooth. Veterinary dental radiographs revealed an expansile mass over the area. The canine tooth was removed and the adjacent cystic structure removed and submitted for histopathology to determine if the cyst was cancerous. The surgery site was sutured and Joey made a normal recovery.

The biopsy results came back as a benign (non-cancerous) epithelial cyst. Although this lesion was benign, if it was left untreated it would have continued to expand into the surrounding bone and dental tissues and compromised the integrity of that part of his mouth.

Surgical site after removal of cyst.

Surgical site after removal of cyst.

Looking in your dog or cat’s mout regularly for any abnormalities is part of a good pet dental home care plan. Pet owners who notice any kind of unusual growth in their dog or cat’s mouth should immediately have them evaluated by a board certified veterinary dentist.

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