Shelter Pets Need Dental Care Too!

Humane Society Vet Dental Training

Most of us probably don’t realize the extent of care that humane societies across the country provide to the pets they shelter. An animal shelter really is much more than just food and a warm bed for these pets, but they also receive veterinary care so that they are healthy for families who want to take them home. More and more, humane societies are incorporating pet dental care into an animal’s care plan prior to adoption.

Dr. Woodward at Animal Dental Care in Colorado recently provided a free two day dental training course to humane societies across Colorado. These veterinarians and vet techs received extensive training that gave them the skills they need to provide proper dental care to their animals, improving their health and ultimately improving their ability to find these pets their forever homes. Watch the video below for more from Dr. Woodward about why he wanted to offer this course.

Why dental care for a dog or cat in need of adoption? First, consider that more often that not an animal in a shelter has probably not had any dental care over its lifetime. This means there could be both extensive dental disease, but also significant dental pain for the pet. Imagine the pain and discomfort in your own mouth if you were to go years without any oral health care at home or from a dentist. In the case of animals, they can’t tell you about their pain and so they suffer in silence. Humane societies who have the proper training can now provide this care at the shelter and vastly improve an animal’s quality of life.

Secondly, a pet who has had a full veterinary dental cleaning and oral exam, is very welcome news to a family looking to adopt. Plus, animals who are not in pain due to untreated oral disease will have a far easier time adapting to a new family and environment. In fact, Dr. Woodward says, “I did a similar training for the Toronto Humane Society a couple of years ago. They reported to me that since they’ve begun providing full dental care to animals prior to adoption, their rate of animals being returned to the shelter have dropped.”

The fact of the matter is dental care is a vital part of pet health and those who don’t have proper dental care are very often silently suffering in pain. ┬áPet’s who are in shelters deserve the same level of care and when an animal is health and without pain, they are certainly going to be more loving, happier and able to make that connection with a family who can be their forever home.



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