Jaguar Root Canal

Jaguar Gets Root CanalJunior, a 16 year old male jaguar at the Woodland Park Zoo in Seattle was noted to have a broken right maxillary canine tooth.  In the wilde, the maxillary canine tooth is important for the jaguar to be able to grab and hold prey. Although Junior does not have to catch his dinner, this tooth is still important for him and his health.

Dr. Matson, a board certified veterinary dentist at Eastside Veterinary Dentistry in the Seattle area was consulted for the best treatment for Junior’s tooth. Examination of the tooth showed that although part of the tooth was missing, the rest of the tooth could be saved through root canal therapy.

Jaguar Root Canal - Dr. Matson

On the initial visit, the inside of Junior’s tooth was instrumented and disinfected. In addition, since the fracture was new, there was some persistent bleeding at the tip of the canal. Dr Matson placed a medicament called calcium hydroxide to cauterize the vessels and placed a temporary restoration.

Jaguar Root Canal at Woodland Park Zoo

On the second visit, three months later, Junior’s tooth was re-treated with removal of the calcium hydroxide and a permanent filling was placed in the canal.  The opening in the tooth was restored with a permanent restoration.

Junior recovered well and is very happy to have all of his teeth!