K9 Officer Back in Action After Jaw Fracture

K9 Officer NikoNiko is a three-year-old Belgian Malinois canine police officer for the city of Mesa, Arizona. He incurred a jaw fracture during a bite training exercise and was brought to Arizona Veterinary Dental Specialists for evaluation and treatment.

Niko’s injury was fracture of his bottom left jaw and because of the angle and location of the break, a titanium plate and a wire were required to stabilize the difficult fracture. You can view images of the stabilization process below.



Radiograph at post-op appointment. Fracture has completely healed.

Radiograph at post-op appointment. Fracture has completely healed.

Niko returned for a check up and for evaluation of how his jaw was healing. The fracture had completely healed and the wire that was used to stabilize the break was able to be removed. In Niko’s case the plate will remain in place.

Working police dogs must be in top condition to perform their duties. Arizona Veterinary Dental Specialists is proud to care for many of these dogs and keep them in top shape for their jobs. Because of specialty veterinary dentistry treatment, the brave K9 Officer Niko will be out protecting the citizens of Mesa again!