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At Montana Pet Dentistry & Oral Surgery, we specialize in veterinary dentistry and our simple goal is to make your pet comfortable. We are equipped and educated to find and treat all forms of dental disease, including many painful pet dental conditions that are frequently overlooked. Treating pet oral and dental disease isn’t just a part of what we do, it is all we do.

Montana Pet Dentistry and Oral Surgery offers a full range of dental services including:

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Tony Woodward, DVM, DAVDC

Dr. Woodward is a board certified veterinary dentist and he and his staff are dedicated to providing optimal veterinary dental health care for your pets.

What do you love about veterinary dentistry?
It gives me a chance to make my patients feel better by alleviating their hidden dental pain. I am committed to clear communication with pet families and providing the highest quality of care available.

What is one of the good home dental health habits you are sure to use with your own pets?
Preventing them from having access to any hard chew toys.

Do you need Veterinary Dental Services in Montana? Contact Dr. Woodward at:

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: 406-599-4789
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1635 Reeves Road East
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Veterinary Dental Cases from Dr. Woodward

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