Fractured Jaw Repair in Small Dog

This is Sugar who suffered a broken jaw due to advanced periodontal disease. She had been seen at her family vet after being involved in a dog fight.  He had sedated Sugar to fully evaluate the fracture and had extracted the very loose molar in the area. Once he realized the jaw was fractured, he referred her to Veterinary Dental Specialties and Oral Surgery for care.

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Labrador Retriever Tooth Extraction

A 7-year-old Labrador was referred in for a recurrent swelling under the left eye. The swelling responded temporarily to antibiotics, but would return a short time later.  The referring veterinarian did not notice anything that was obvious for a dental problem since both maxillary canines were externally periodontally healthy and only had uncomplicated crown fractures. Continue reading “Labrador Retriever Tooth Extraction” »

German Shepherd Composite Tooth Restoration

Penny is a 5 year old German Shepherd that was kicked in the face by a horse.  Aside from damage to several teeth, she sustained no other injuries.  Penny was anesthetized and a thorough oral exam revealed that she had several fractured incisors with pulp exposure and an enamel fracture to the left maxillary canine (204). Continue reading “German Shepherd Composite Tooth Restoration” »

The Importance of Regular Pet Dental Cleanings

We all understand the value of regular dental cleanings for ourselves. As a matter of fact, we generally go every six months regardless of our oral health. In addition, annual physical exams and laboratory exams are recommended for both humans and veterinary patients. This is all a function of current best practice which is “preventative medicine”. This type of care is ubiquitous in all forms of health practice, except veterinary dentistry, where we wait for disease to be present and then we treat it.  Continue reading “The Importance of Regular Pet Dental Cleanings” »

Pathologic Mandibular Fracture in an Older, Small Breed Dog

Classically, mandibular fractures were the result of significant trauma (hit by car, long falls, baseball bat accident), and in large breed dogs this is definitely still the case.  However, in our small and toy breeds, there is a condition seen with increasing regularity which is called a “pathologic fracture”.  Continue reading “Pathologic Mandibular Fracture in an Older, Small Breed Dog” »

Ask the Vet Dentist: What Questions Should I Ask My Veterinarian About Pet Dental Health?

As veterinary dental specialists, we want to help pet owners know how they can best partner with their family veterinarian to monitor and improve their pet’s dental health. We understand the main point of contact for most pet owners as it relates to pet health is their veterinarian, so we want to share a few tips on questions that are important to ask about your dog or cat’s dental health and the pet dental cleanings. Continue reading “Ask the Vet Dentist: What Questions Should I Ask My Veterinarian About Pet Dental Health?” »

Ask the Vet Dentist: What Things are Bad for My Dog to Chew On?

All of us who are doting pet parents love to buy new chew toys or treats for our dogs. We wander up and down the aisle of our favorite pet store or browse online for fun new toys we know will get tails wagging. But are there dangers lurking in among all of those items aimed at offering hours of chewing entertainment for our dogs. Continue reading “Ask the Vet Dentist: What Things are Bad for My Dog to Chew On?” »


Puppy With Swelling Over Teeth

Little Marvin  is a 9-month-old Labrador Retriever who was seen by Dr. Brook Niemiec at his Las Vegas veterinary dentistry practice. The puppy had swelling over his maxillary incisors from the time he was about five months old. The firm swelling and missing tooth in the area made the most likely diagnosis a benign tumor called an odontoma, or possibly a cyst. He was referred to Dr. Niemiec by his family veterinarian, who identified the need for the puppy to be assessed by a skilled oral surgeon and allow Marvin to have minimal trauma and the best chance of success. Continue reading “Puppy With Swelling Over Teeth” »

Orthodontic Problems in Pets are Often Quite Painful

Orthodontic problems are often quite painful, even though pets rarely any outward signs of an issue. However, it is very common for pet patients to be suffering from the trauma crated by the teeth hitting into the sensitive gums or palate. This traumatic damage can become quite significant, creating local infection. In addition, they can kill the teeth in the area due to the chronic percussion. Finally, in some cases the teeth can penetrate into the nasal cavity possibly leading to a severe nasal infection.  Continue reading “Orthodontic Problems in Pets are Often Quite Painful” »