Puppy With Swelling Over Teeth


Little Marvin  is a 9-month-old Labrador Retriever who was seen by Dr. Brook Niemiec at his Las Vegas veterinary dentistry practice. The puppy had swelling over his maxillary incisors from the time he was about five months old. The firm swelling and missing tooth in the area made the most likely diagnosis a benign tumor called an odontoma, or possibly a cyst. He was referred to Dr. Niemiec by his family veterinarian, who identified the need for the puppy to be assessed by a skilled oral surgeon and allow Marvin to have minimal trauma and the best chance of success.

Under the care of Dr. Nemiec, Marvin was carefully placed under anesthesia so Dr. Niemiec could evaluate his mouth. He found what appeared to be an extra, malformed and malpositioned tooth.

extra, malformed and malpositioned tooth

The dental x-ray appeared to support this diagnosis as there was no bone reaction to the area. (red arrows)

Xray of extra, malformed and malpositioned tooth

Dr. Niemiec recommended a much more conservative approach to the surgery, as based on the evidence he now had and his significant experience, he felt that this was a very benign lesion. He carefully extracted the tooth and cleaned the area, which was a very minor surgery. All the tissue was submitted for biopsy. He had an excellent recovery from surgery. The pathology report confirmed that it was just a malformed tooth, no evidence of cancer.

Dr. Niemiec’s experience combined with our advanced diagnostic ability allowed for a successful outcome with minimal trauma. We expect Marvin to continue to grow to be a happy and healthy lab!