Puppy’s Impacted Molar

Pearl, an eight month old Westie came for a visit when her owners noticed she had missing teeth. Upon evaluation and thorough veterinary dental x-rays, Pearl was diagnosed with hypodontia, (persistent primary teeth) and impacted right mandibular molar.

The condition required complete extraction the impacted molar and third molar above.

Extraction of the impacted tooth was elected to prevent any possible future complication such as dentigerous cyst formation. Dentigerous cysts can be extremely destructive to the bone and adjacent teeth, and may even result in jaw fracture.

The third molar required extraction in order to access and extract the impacted second molar. Left in place, an impacted tooth may also result in damage (eg resorption) to adjacent teeth. In this case, the impacted tooth was thought to put the first molar at increased risk of disease, pain, or infection.