Cow-Kick to the Face Results in Severely Fractured Jaw

Ryder Australian Shepherd
Ryder Australian Shepherd


Ryder, a seven year old Australian Shepherd, had the unfortunate accident of being kicked in the face by a cow.

Upon evaluation at Arizona Veterinary Dental Specialists, it was determined that he had extensive trauma to his upper jaw, palate and teeth. Injuries included a maxillary fracture of the palatal bone (roof of mouth), soft tissue lacerations and several complicated crown fractures on his teeth.

The severity of these injuries could have permanently debilitated or even ended Ryder’s life. But, under the care of the Board Certified Veterinary Dental Specialists at Arizona Veterinary Dental Specialists, Ryder’s complex injuries were treatable.

The first, and most vital part, of Ryder’s evaluation was to have a full set of digital veterinary dental radiographs, which enable the veterinary dentist to have a complete picture of the extent of injury to Ryder’s mouth and jaw. After radiographs, the appropriate treatment plan can be implemented. The soft tissue injuries were debrided and his nasal passage washed so it was free of debris and infection. After suturing of the soft tissue, the maxilla (upper jaw) was stabilized with an interdental composite and wire splint. Ryder’s splint will be left on for approximately two months at which point he’ll return to Arizona Veterinary Dental Specialists for radiographs to confirm appropriate healing of the maxillary fracture.

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