Veterinary Dentist Cares for Animals at Animal Sanctuary in Yellowstone

veterinary dentist treats grizzly bear tooth

Dr. Tony Woodward, board certified veterinary dentist in Colorado and Montana, has a love of wildlife and often donates his time and expertise to treat painful veterinary dental disease and conditions. He recently went to Grizzly and Wolf Discovery Center, in West Yellowstone Montana to evaluate and treat some of the wolves and grizzly bears in need of dental care.

veterinary dentist treats grizzly bear tooth

Dr. Woodward examines broken grizzly bear tooth and prepares for extraction.

Roosevelt the Grizzly Bear

Upon examination, Dr. Woodward found that had a broken, infected upper incisor. The tooth required extraction, not only to alleviate a painful condition, but to prevent the infection from developing into severe periodontal disease which would further compromise the adjacent teeth and jaw structures.




Veterinary Dentist Treats Wolf Tooth Infection

Infection from dead tooth causes severe damage and drainage from wolf’s jaw.

McKinley the Gray Wolf

McKinley, needed a veterinary dental evaluation from Dr. Woodward to determine the cause of a chronic draining tract under the right side of his jaw. In all cases, a veterinary dentist utilizes veterinary dental radiographs to diagnose conditions and plan the appropriate treatment. In McKinley’s case the radiographs revealed a dead tooth, with a large area of root and bone damage that was the source of the drainage tract. The damage was so severe, the drainage was coming out under his lower jaw. This tooth was extracted, preventing further infection which was compromising the wolf’s health.


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